A partnership of challenging goals, inspired learners, and visionary giving

The Mission

The mission of the Shelter Island Educational Foundation is to pursue, create and provide excellent educational opportunities that enhance, inspire and broaden the horizons of our children and the community.

The Foundation seeks to go beyond the boundaries of local school district budgetary obligations and geographic isolation, augmenting the resources of individual teachers, family and community, and nourishing our unique island heritage.

The History

Inspired by the vision of former Shelter Island School District Superintendent, Dr. Lydia Axelrod, the Shelter Island Educational Foundation was formed in July, 1995. The focus for the first two years was a positive reinforcement initiative. The copyrighted program, Project Excel, was implemented to help support families in their efforts to educate their children on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Building on the success of this first project, the Foundation was reorganized with an expanded mission and Board of Directors and augmented with Community and School Advisory Committees.

In examining the many possibilities for enrichment opportunities, the Foundation is focused on those areas that help our children chart a productive course from their own abundant shores to the boundless world of knowledge and understanding.

Who We Are

Board of Trustees
Emeritus Board
Community Advisory Council
Christine Gallagher, PresidentTheresa Andrew
Michael Coles
Susan Hine, Vice President
Ed Barr
Donald D'Amato, Webmaster
Bente Frantz, Secretary
Judy Daniels
Barbara Gerstenlauer
Karin Lissakers Mayer, TreasurerLinda Kofmehl
Michael Laspia
Chris Mulligan, Assistant TreasurerFrancis Mason
Anthony Mazzeo
Darrin BinderMarie Mazzeo
Joe Messing
Lynne ColliganArt Williams

Margaret ColliganMargaret Wilson
Chris Fokine  
Alice Goldman

Ian Kanarvogel

Kristina Lange

Jody Thompson