December 2020
                                                                                                                                                                             Shelter Island   

                                                           Dear children and parents!

                                                           We know that the first half of this year hasn’t really been so nice to you – your school
                                                           closed down, and you had to stay home and do your best to learn and play on your own.
                                                           Most of you did not get a chance to return to school until September, and we bet you
                                                           were overjoyed to see your old friends and teachers!

                                                           As we are all cheering for you, your school, and your teachers, and hope that you will get
                                                           to finish this school year happy and healthy, we wanted to make this year’s holiday extra
                                                           special for you!

                                                           The Shelter Island Educational Foundation is an organization that helps kids like you
                                                           learn various things outside of school. We help dreams come true, and send kids on
                                                           trips to see a musical, or a museum, or often to help pay for your summer camp, so you
                                                           can experience all the beautiful things in the world and LEARN. This year, because not
                                                           only your school but also all the fun trips and camps were canceled, we decided to buy
                                                           this small educational gift for you and all of your friends who live on Shelter Island.

                                                           We want you to have fun during holidays, we want you to be safe; we want you to sleep
                                                           in; we want you to sing, enjoy the free time, your family, your friends, your gifts – but
                                                           our little gift as well. Hopefully, it will keep you busy and help you learn a bit about
                                                           science, geography, or art.

                                                           Do you like it? Send us a note! Get your Mom & Dad, your Guardian, your Aunt or
                                                           Uncle, Grandma, or Grandpa, or your brother or sister to help you send us an e-mail to
                                                 , or write us a note (P.O. Box 1950 in the center).
                                                           We will be thrilled to hear from you!

                                                           We would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a Happy
                                                           New Year 2021! May it be filled with magic and dreams, fine books, warm hugs, and
                                                           plenty of creativity! And, we hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself…

                                                     ***A special note to Mrs. Knipfing’s 3rd-grade students and Ms. Eklund’s 2nd-grade students
                                                           of course we ordered boxes for you too! Your teachers were excited to be able to custom
                                                           order kits that fit in with your curriculum, and they are holding on to your kits so that you can
                                                           work on them together for a special project once you return from holiday break. Rest assured
                                                           that you too, will have a fun project to create courtesy of the SIEF, and you will eventually be
                                                           able to bring home your finished product and share it with your family.

                                                           The Shelter Island Educational Foundation Board                                                                                                       Happy Holidays | School District 8 Kootenay Lake