Schooner Trip- June 2017

Shelter Island School Grade 7 aboard the Alabama for a 5-day sail

Grant to Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Through a grant from the Shelter Island Educational Foundation produce that local children harvested from the garden at the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm often made its way into yummy (and healthy!) treats that they served at the weekly potluck lunches on Friday afternoons.

Broadway 101 Workshop and School of Rock

Members of the Jazz Band, Select Choir, and students that participated in SCMEA attended the Broadway trip and workshop.   The workshop was led by Broadway actors and actresses, and students learned about being in a professional show.  They read scenes and learned improvisation skills.  The last three photos below (featuring students Owen Gibbs and Amelia Clark, Sydney Clark and Olivia Yeaman, and Abby Kotula) were taken when students were given a few seconds to place a prop any way they’d like, and then use body movements to portray a scene they created.  They had to use their body language and minimal words to tell the story.

After the workshop, there was a half hour “question and answer” session during which students had the opportunity to interview a lead actress in the theater performance they’d be seeing later that afternoon (School of Rock).

All of this was made possible by a grant provided by the Educational Foundation.

[May 17, 2017; photos by Ms. Jessica Bosak, Music Teacher, Shelter Island School]