Shelter Island Educational Foundation

Spring 2021 Grant Application Guidelines


The Shelter Island Educational Foundation, hereafter referred to as the “Foundation,” will be accepting individual and institutional grant applications for programs and projects taking place during the summer or fall of 2021. Please read this three-page guidance document in its entirety.


General Policies


The Foundation will award grants to not-for-profit institutions and to individuals such as teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community members for projects in the areas of technology, environmental studies, the arts and humanities, professional development, sports, scholarship, citizenship, and career and personal development. The funding will be made directly to the institution providing the service.


Projects must provide, or make possible, educational experiences beyond those available in the normal school curriculum and funded by the school budget, which will inspire the participants and enrich their futures. Education is defined here as academic enrichment and improvement. It includes the development of the ability to express oneself, to develop social awareness, and to problem solve.


    • The Foundation will not consider funding for transportation for institutional or individual grants.


    • The Foundation will not consider funding for salaries for those delivering a program.


    • The Foundation does not fund ongoing school tuition.


    • The Foundation will not allocate funds for faculty.


    • The Foundation will not accept applications that are incomplete or unsigned.


    • Students who benefit from Foundation grants need to be full time residents of Shelter Island.


    • Designated gifts may be allocated outside of the guidelines according to the wishes of the donor.


    •          Grants are subject to approval by the Board.

Categories of Grant Applications:


  •            Institutional Projects – Limited to not-for-profit organizations

  •           Individual Projects – In fellowship, scholarship and independent study




    The Foundation will consider grant applications for amounts up to $2,000 for Institutional Projects and up to $2,000 for Individual Projects.


Spring 2021 Grant Application Processing Schedule


  • Monday, March 15: Applications Available Online Only, through the Foundation’s website —The application forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format with fillable form fields. Please download and complete the appropriate form on your computer/tablet, save as a pdf and email to Please also send a cc to your school administration.


    Please note we no longer accept handwritten applications.


  • Friday, April 9: Applications Due at SIEF


    • Applications should be as concise as possible and supporting documentation limited. A member of the Grants Committee may contact the applicant if additional information is required.


    • In judging applications, preference will be given to those who apply for off-Island experiences that, in the opinion of the Grants Committee, offer the most challenging and creative possibilities.


    • Applications are due by April 9, 2021 at 3 p.m.  They must be sent to, with a cc sent to the student’s school administrator. 


    • If you need more information, please contact Mrs. Mahoney at or at 631-749-0302, extension 133.



  • April 12 – 23 : Applicants Interviewed (if necessary)


  •     April 26 -30: Applicants Notified of Decisions


Applicants will be informed of decisions and grant awards will be made available.


Note: If you have been approved for a grant, you are required to submit a GRANT PAYMENT FORM, available at It takes at least two weeks upon receipt of the form for the Foundation to issue a grant check.



Grant Application Principles


Grants will be considered for projects that meet the Shelter Island Educational Foundation’s goals as stated in the following mission statement:


The mission of the Foundation is to pursue, create, and provide excellent educational opportunities that enhance, inspire, and broaden the horizons of our children and the community. The Foundation seeks to go beyond the boundaries of local school district budgetary obligations and geographic isolation, augmenting the resources of individual teachers, family and community and nourishing our unique island heritage.


Institutional Projects


Grants will be limited to a maximum of $2,000 each, and payments will be made directly to the provider. If the project cost exceeds the amount for which the application is made, the applicant must assure the Grants Committee that the additional funds required for the project have been encumbered.


  • The application must be made by, or on behalf of, a tax-exempt institution for the benefit of a specific group of children, e.g., grades pre-K to grade 12, pre-school, etc.


  • The described project must provide the children in the defined group with the opportunity for growth in terms of our mission statement and the general principles stated above.


  • The project should benefit a group, as a whole, rather than any particular member of a group.


Grants may be made for institutional equipment that has been approved by the institution. Grants may be contingent on the requesting institution providing matching funds.


Individual Projects


Grants will be limited to a maximum of $2,000 each. The Foundation does not support individual applications for the same program more than twice. Payments will be made directly to the program provider.

  • Applications will be judged, to a substantial extent, on the applicant’s personal characteristics (e.g., enthusiasm and sincerity), as well as the suitability of the project to the applicant and seriousness of its purpose. Therefore, the applicant’s response to how he/she will benefit from the project will be a significant factor in the selection process.
  • Applications must be made by, or on behalf of, children from pre-school to 12th grade.
  • In the case of a pre-school applicant, the primary criteria will be the extent to which the proposal will benefit the pre-school child in his/her future growth as an individual.
  • Successful applicants must return an evaluation of their experience to the Shelter Island Educational Foundation within three weeks of completion of the project.
  • Participants are also responsible for a presentation at the Grants Award Celebration and Annual Meeting of the Foundation in November 2021.